O P Sharma


• Hon Fellow India International Photographic Council
• Hon Member Photographic Society of America
• Hon Fellow Royal Photographic Society
• Fellow Photographic Society of America
• Fellow Royal Society of Arts
• Hon Member Japan International Photographic Federation
• Hon Member Photographic Society of New York
• Hon Fellow Pakistan Salon Group
He is India’s one of the most distinguished and best known Photographic Artist of International Fame, who has many significant and original contributions in photography. He has been honored by many world Photographic Organizations with their Hon Membership and Fellowship etc. from time to time.
He is a self taught, highly gifted and esteemed pictorialist in the world today who has always tried to popularize true pictorialism and promoted extensively photography as a fine art.
OP is a perfectionist to the core and he has a sharp, incisive vision and imagination to translate ideas and thoughts into superb pictures, which are highly aesthetic and technically par excellence. He has very few equals in India.
He enjoys the privilege of having his masterpieces preserved in Museums in the U.S, the USSR, Australia, Brazil etc. he is the Hon Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, London, The Royal Society of Arts, London, Fellow of the Photographic Society Of America, Hon Fellow of IIPC, Hon Member of Japan International Photographic Federation in the Capital; won the Grand Prize in the World Photo Contest Organized by the Saturday Review of New York. Amongst the very many awards O.P. Sharma has walked away with are the Pentax World Contest Award, The Kodak International Contest Award, USA and France; the ASIA 72 National Award ( where he was the only winner); and the Merilon Awards Singapore, 1978 and 1979. he has also represented India in the “100 Photo Masters of the World” USSR.
Founded the roots of Modern Experimental Photography in India and is a pioneer in the field. Many of the present generation in India have been influenced by his fresh, creative and stimulating approach. His fame and name is a household one in India to teach photography.
His books on photography have created a history in India and are always in great demand in India and neighboring countries amongst amateurs and professionals- as a Exhibitor in International and National exhibitions, he has created an astonishing and outstanding.
He has won more awards (over 600) and acceptances than any other photographic artist of his generation of India.